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If a military standard connector is what you need, then you are in luck. We at KAIDA provide you a complete range of connectors and matching accessories. Basic circular connectors, rectangular connectors, wire harnesses, and connector contacts are very popular and mass produced according to either Chinese or US military standards. If you feel our standard connectors and components do not exactly fit your needs, please give us a call and look into our custom design service to meet your requirements. When you order from KAIDA, you get more than products that meet MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-55302 for resistance to humidity, salt spray, and vibration as well as fast, ease of connection and disconnection, but integrated interconnect solutions that far exceed your expectations.More ...
    1. MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors
    2. MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors

      Various platings offer greater protection against high temperature and excessive vibration. The MIL-DTl-38999 connector works best under harsh conditions involving heavy sandstorms and high humidity.

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    1. Y27 Series Circular Connectors
    2. Y27 Series Circular Connectors

      The connector adopts push-pull coupling mechanism to ensure fast engagement and disengagement. Three types of material can be used to construct the connector, including aluminum alloy, naval brass, and stainless steel.

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    1. MIL-DTL-83513 Connectors
    2. MIL-DTL-83513 Connectors

      The MIL-DTL-83513 connectors include 2 series: J30 and J30J. The former uses a plastic shell while the latter comes with a metal housing. Both cable terminal series adopt stranded terminal pins or contacts which are plated with gold.

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    1. MIL-DTL-55302 Connectors
    2. MIL-DTL-55302 Connectors

      The MIL-DTL-55302 connector meets IEC130 and MIL-C-55302 standards. It is a rectangular connector that offers 1.95mm high pin density, small size, and light weight body. Built to meet demanding applications and harsh requirements, this cable terminal ...

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    1. Twist Pin Contacts
    2. Twist Pin Contacts

      The twist pin contact is a unique type of connector pin that comprises two layers of helically coiled wires. The inner layer consists of 3 strands of wires reversely wound with respect to the outer layer.

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